Women* and non-binary class

At Ronin Grappling we offer a women* (*trans inclusive) and non-binary jiu jitsu class every Thursday evening.

The class, taken by Ronin Grappling owner and BJJ brown belt Cristiana Theodoli (she/her), runs between 18:30-20:00 and is followed by an open mat for the women and NB folks attending as well as a sauna session.

Cristiana has been training jiu jitsu since 2012 and has competed nationally and internationally. Notable achievements include:
· Gold absolute SubNorth Open.
· Double Gold Scottish Open.
· Silver Gi IBJJF Europeans.
· Silver NoGi Grapplers Quest.
· Silver Gi Kleos Grappling.
· Silver Gi Scottish Open.
· Silver Gi Edinburgh Open.
· Silver NoGi absolute Grapplers Games.
· Bronze Gi absolute Scottish Open.

The class is open to all women and non-binary individuals aged 18+. While as a gym we strive to have a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in all classes we recognise as jiu jitsu is a close contact sport it can be especially challenging for women & non binary folks to get into.

From her own personal experience Cristiana remembers her first few months training jiu jitsu at a mixed martial arts gym as very awkward being the only woman on the mats and she only stuck to it due to the great group of guys she trained with who went out of their way and made her feel welcome.

Remembering those challenges she recognised it would be easier to start in a women+ class and as a team we hope having a space for women & non binary folks to attend classes and be introduced to the sport will then support their transition to mixed classes and improve the team as a whole.

Your first class is free, with normal PAYG or membership costs applying after that. All women & non-binary individuals attending the class are obviously welcome to come to all our mixed classes as well.

As a gym we ask all our students to read our values and know we do not tolerate any sexist / racist / xenophobic / homophobic / transphobic / fascist / bigoted speech or activities. Our values can be found here, we are big believer in making sure members feel safe and looked after, and we do enforce these.

To register for your first class please email us at info@roningrappling.com – we’ll send you a link to register on our members’ portal to help us keep track for test and protect purposes -you’ll be registered with a trial period initially and you can see and book onto all our classes including the Thursday women+ class.

The women & non-binary class is a Gi (kimono) class, however feel free to attend your first few classes in leggings or shorts and a t-shirt or similar training clothes. We also have a few loaner Gis at the gym that can be used (these get washed after every use).

We try and be as organised as possible so at some point before you come for your first session please also fill out a PARQ form, just to keep everything squared away.

Please also give our COVID guidance a wee read for any adjustments we’ve had to make.

If you have any general questions check out our FAQs or email us at info@roningrappling.com.

Hope to see you all on the mats soon!