As of Monday the 24th of January 2022, the latest restrictions on indoor contact sports will be lifted and we can welcome new members to the club. Our new timetable goes live on this date as well, with all new morning, lunchtime, and evening classes for all your grappling needs!

Classes are suitable for all levels and we are taking in new members. Booking in through the portal is required as it helps us tailor each class to the skill level of attendees ahead of time.

If you can contact us via instagram, facebook, email, or via our contact page and we’ll send you a link to the members’ portal for registration.

Please note, given that covid hasn’t gone away, we currently require everyone to do a lateral flow test before attending any of our sessions- we have students who are immunocompromised or who are carers, and so we we are taking care to minimise risks where we can.

Can’t wait to see you all on the mats!

Love, Giles.