As of Level 0 we have moved back to indoor contact classes on the 19th of July as we are now allowed to legally simulate murder on each other indoors once more!

Classes are suitable for all levels and we are taking in new members though we ask that both new and existing members still book in through the portal so we’ve got a list of people attending each class in case we need to tell test and protect.

If you can contact us via instagram, facebook, email, or via our contact page and we’ll send you a link to the members’ portal for registration.

As covid is still doing the rounds in Scotland we still ask that everyone is careful and please do regular lateral flow tests to ensure that the club isn’t wiped out. Whilst most of us have been fully vaccinated, there is still a risk to folk who’ve not been dosed yet, many of us can’t work from home- and having to self-isolate is absolutely baws.

Can’t wait to see you all on the mats!

Love, Giles.