LGBTQI+ introduction to brazilian jiu jitsu

Super proud to announce we will be offering an lgbtqi+ introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Ronin Grappling!

The one off introduction seminar will be taken by experienced Ronin Grappling instructor and BJJ brown belt Richard Wood (he/him) and sports therapist and BJJ blue belt Alex Hammond (she/they) and will run on Sunday 24th of July at 13:30-15:30.

The introductory class is free to attend and open to all in the lgbtqi+ community aged 18+. While as a gym we strive to have a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in all classes we recognise that as jiu jitsu is a close contact sport it can be especially challenging for lgbtqi+ folks to get into.

We also recognise masc presenting non-binary folks might not feel comfortable in our women* (*trans inclusive) & non-binary class and wanted to organise a session for all lgbtqi+ folks to feel comfortable in.

The 2 hours seminar will introduce you to the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the aim to give you a feel for both the sport itself and for the atmosphere at the gym.

Given the significant increase in transphobia in sports communities around the UK and worldwide, we are especially keen to make it clear ours will always be a trans-inclusive space.

This introduction is of course also open to existing lgbtqi+ Ronin Grappling members as part of your membership and would be great to see you there as training buddies for those trying the session out!

In terms of facilities we have two spacious changing rooms with benches and plenty of storage space along with two large bathrooms, each with an individual shower, which can be used as gender neutral changing spaces.

As a gym we ask all our students to read our values and know we do not tolerate any sexist / racist / xenophobic / homophobic / transphobic / fascist / bigoted speech or activities. Our values can be found here, we are big believer in making sure members feel safe and looked after, and we do enforce these.

To book your space onto the lgbtqi+ intro to BJJ class please email us at

The class will be a NoGi (without kimono) class, so please attend in leggings or shorts and a tshirt or similar training clothes. Bring some water and a pair of flip flops to go between changing areas, toilets and the mats as there is a strict no shoes on the mats policy.

If you have any general questions check out our FAQs or email us at

Hope to see you all on the mats soon!

(she/her – Ronin Grappling co-owner)