End of year charity seminar.

Raising funds for SAMH, the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I’ll giftwrap it for someone special…

This time of year is always particularly challenging for people, whether from the increased stress of the holiday season, missing lost loved ones, or if suffering from loneliness and isolation.

At Ronin Grappling we consider ourselves exceptionally lucky to have the love and support of our little community of murderous (for sport!) humans so we thought we’d do something to give back this Christmas and set up a seminar to raise funds for SAMH, the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

This festive, end of year seminar with head coach Giles Garcia, guarantees *ZERO* (0!) belt promotions and will run on the Christmas bank holiday Monday – the 27th of December. The two hour Gi seminar will run from 18:00-20:00, followed by some rolling and will, of course, focus on the giftwrap. This seminar is open to all levels and all affiliations.

We recommend a £5+ donation when attending the seminar, with all funds going towards SAMH who work with adults and young people in Scotland to provide mental health and social care support as well as primary care services; mental health support in schools and further education. SAMH also work in suicide prevention, a key programme at this time of year, and work to dispel stigma and prejudice surrounding mental health. Please bring £5 or more in cash on the day so we avoid online fees and all funds go to the charity!

Ronin Grappling members please book a space through the members’ portal, visitors please use the form below!

Please note by booking you also agree to our Covid guidance copied below.

*RONIN COVID GUIDANCE* Please keep in mind that in Scotland masks are still required when getting into and out of the building, we share the entrance and stairwell with bank staff and solicitors and we try and be strict about this. As numbers are fairly high in Scotland we ask that everyone is careful and please do a lateral flow test prior to coming along. Whilst we hope most of us have been vaccinated, there is still a risk to folk who’ve not had both doses yet or are immunocompromised. Lateral flow tests can be ordered for free online or accessed at most pharmacies. If you develop symptoms or feel unwell please stay home.

We would like to specify at Ronin Grappling we have extra measures in the case of HOUSEHOLD contacts. If someone in your HOUSEHOLD tests positive the government advises isolation is not required if you are double vaccinated and with a negative PCR. However as a contact sport we are already at higher risk and the government advice is accompanied by the recommendation to continue social distancing. If you are a HOUSEHOLD contact – and as such you are under ONGOING exposure please let us know and don’t come along, there will be other seminars in future!

Members please book via the portal as normal, visitors please use the form below: