We pride ourselves on the high standards and cleanliness of our facilities which include sprung mats, spacious changing rooms, two separate showers and a large infrared sauna.

MATS – Our 40mm pro mats have the additional advantage of being raised on a sprung floor to provide extra protection and support while training. The raised floor also provides extra insulation, key for comfortable training in the winter months.

CHANGING ROOMS – We have two spacious changing rooms with benches and plenty of storage space. There are also two large bathrooms which can be used as gender neutral changing spaces if desired.

SHOWERS – The two bathrooms are each fitted with an electric shower which can be used after class or before and after using the sauna.

SAUNA – As part of your membership you will also get access to our 8-person infrared sauna. Information about sauna times will be provided in the group chat on a weekly basis. Sauna rules are copied below.