Covid & skin infections measures

Ronin Grappling aims to be transparent and accountable to its members.

Over the past two years we have taken a number of measures to minimise the risks of training a contact sport.

Following the latest round of restrictions, the government has announced a return to contact sports on Monday 24th of January 2022.

While our most up to date schedule (below) will be back in full effect we are still having to take a number of measures to reduce risk. We also strongly recommend to both members and visitors to please get all three vaccines as soon as you can.

PLEASE NOTE: Covid numbers continue to fluctuate and Flu A is also on the rise so we ask you to use your common sense, do not attend with any respiratory symptoms until you feel better. While lateral flow tests are getting harder to find and we appreciate it’s getting difficult to test every day when training we ask students to please test as regularly as you can – we have students who are immunocompromised or who are carers, and many members have elderly, frail or immunocompromised family members and it’s about protecting them as much as it is protecting ourselves.

As part of these measures we have produced a number of documents, please see below our cleaning and infection prevention policy which includes our hygiene recommendations as an appendix.

We have based our re-opening plans on Sport Scotland’s guide: Getting your facilities fit for sport.

We would like to specify we have extra measured in the case of HOUSEHOLD contacts:

If someone in your HOUSEHOLD tests positive for covid, the government advises isolation is not required if you are triple vaccinated and with a negative PCR. However as a contact sport we are already at higher risk and the government advice is accompanied by the recommendation to continue social distancing.

As such if you are a HOUSEHOLD contact – and as such you are under ONGOING exposure while your household member isolates you can – if exempt from isolating under the current guidelines – still train at the club but WITHOUT CONTACT, using the grappling dummies and working a meter away from others until your household contact’s isolation period ends.

Skin infections are unfortunately also a high risk in contact sports with US-based studies estimating infections such as staph, ringworm or cold sores account for up to 20% of lost training time in contact sports and can cause serious illness. As such we have produced information posters and guidance to try and minimse their spread (see poster below). If you see anything unusual on your skin Get it checked out. Don’t wait. Report any skin problems to your coach, get it checked by a pharmacist or GP as soon as possible and before stepping on the mats.

The Covid and Infection Control point of contact at Ronin Grappling will be Cristiana Theodoli whose responsibilities will include promoting good hygiene and ensuring this policy is implemented. In her role as a registered Adult nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Cristiana has received infection control training and as she is working at the forefront of the Covid crisis she understands the importance of working to NHS standards of hygiene.