Covid-19 Measures

Ronin Grappling aims to be transparent and accountable to its members.

Over the past year we have taken a number of measures in preparation for re-opening.

The government has now announced a move to Level 0, and therefore the return to indoor contact sports for the week beginning 19/07/2021.

While our schedule (below) is back in full effect we are still having to take a number of measures to lower the likelyhood of any cross contamination.

These includes breaking up members into four bubbles until double vaccinated people don’t need to isolate anymore.

As part of these measures we have produced a number of documents, please see below our cleaning and infection prevention policy, our hygiene recommendations for members, and our current schedule.

We have based our re-opening plans on Sport Scotland’s guide: Getting your facilities fit for sport.

As numbers are fairly high in Scotland we ask that everyone is careful and please do regular lateral flow tests to ensure that the club isn’t wiped out. Whilst most of us have been fully vaccinated, there is still a risk to folk who’ve not been dosed yet. Lateral flow tests can be ordered for free *here* or accessed for free at most pharmacies. If you develop symptoms or feel unwell please stay home until a negative test. Most of us can’t work from home so please act responsibly.

We would like to specify we have extra measured in the case of HOUSEHOLD contacts:

If someone in your HOUSEHOLD tests positive the government advises isolation is not required if you are double vaccinated and with a negative PCR. However as a contact sport we are already at higher risk and the government advice is accompanied by the recommendation to continue social distancing.

If you are a HOUSEHOLD contact – and as such you are under ONGOING exposure while your household member isolates for 10 days you can still train at the club but WITHOUT CONTACT until the 10 days are off, and on the following conditions:

1. You were Double-vaccinated at least two weeks ago

2. You don’t have any symptoms

3. You have had a negative PCR test

4. You do daily Lateral Flow Tests, which are negative

5. You only train on one of the grappling dummies provided by the club

6. You make zero contact with other people at the gym

7. If you develop any of the COVID symptoms, or return a positive lateral flow test, you stay away from the gym unless you then subsequently return a negative PCR test.

Once your infected HOUSEHOLD member is out of isolation, you can go back to strangling other human beings!

Given how the area the gym is located in (Lanarkshire) is the number 1 COVID hotspot in Europe, we are having to be really cautious – we don’t take decisions like this lightly.

The Covid and Infection Control point of contact at Ronin Grappling will be Cristiana Theodoli whose responsibilities will include promoting good hygiene and ensuring this policy is implemented. In her role as a registered Adult nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Cristiana has received infection control training and as she is working at the forefront of the Covid crisis she understands the importance of working to NHS standards of hygiene.