Lockdown skills

As many of you know, we’ve been pretty busy during lockdown, running online Q&As, match analysis, filming videos, and adapting the gym to comply with Covid guidance. However I couldn’t leave it at that!

After some intense training back in June I completed the Yoga for BJJ instructor training! I’m by no means an expert, so the REAL work starts now, and I’m game for it.

Having suffered a myriad of injuries over the years, through a combination of stupid decisions and poor self-care, I can safely say that Yoga has had a positive impact on my physical well-being over the past few years (albeit intermittently).

As I’ve been more consistent, I’ve found my usual aches and pains have lessened, and that I’m a little less stressed! Furthermore, I’m also glad that Sebastian & Stine have such a pragmatic approach, eschewing the esoteric aspects that puts so many folk off Yoga, and focusing on the real benefits it can give you.

Also, big up my fellow Ronin Scott Dickie AKA ya boi Panther, on completing the course as well!

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