We are back!

Our temporary non-contact schedule is going live on Monday, 31st of August!

Initially we will open to existing members only due to the limited amount of spaces and classes.

If all our existing members could please read the non-contact hygiene rules on our website linked in the bio before re-opening that would be great!

We are uploading the classes over the next couple of days and will be opening them for booking soon-ish.

We are also going to need a new ParQ form filled in from everyone, as it is slightly expanded to include details for Covid Track & Trace, if members could fill this in as soon as possible that would be great! Your data will be, of course, stored securely – Giles is a paranoid IT manager after all.

You only need to fill this once, but you will not be able to step on the mats without filling in the updated ParQ form https://roningrappling.com/parq/


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